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Focal brachial cutaneous neuropathy associated with Norplant® use: Suggests careful consideration of the recommended site for inserting contraceptive implants
  1. Catherine Nash, MFFP, MIPM, Consultant in Family Planning and Reproductive Health1 and
  2. Tom Staunton, MRCP(UK), FRCP (C), Consultant Neurologist2
  1. Norfolk and Norwich Health Care NHS Trust, Norwich, UK
  2. Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Norwich, UK
  1. Correspondence Dr Kate Nash, Consultant in Family Planning and Reproductive Health, Central Family Planning Clinic, 2/4 Brunswick Road, Norwich, NR2 2HA, UK. Tel: 01603 287345, Fax: 01603 287358, Email: kate.nash{at}


A case of neuropathy in the medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve of the forearm following a Norplant® removal is described. The incidence of this problem is uncertain. The suggested siting of the contraceptive implants directly over the bicipital groove is questioned.

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