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HIV for Non-HIV Specialists: Diagnosing the Undiagnosed (2nd edition)
  1. David Mummery
  1. General Practitioner, North End Medical Centre, London and Research Fellow, Department of Public Health and Primary Care, Imperial College, London, UK;

Statistics from

Ann Sullivan, Emma Devitt, Ruth Lowbury. London, UK: MEDFASH (Medical Foundation for HIV & Sexual Health), 2015. ISBN-13: 978-0-954-99734-2. Price: £12.00 (paperback), £5.00 (PDF version). Pages: 116

These are interesting and changing times for health professionals when it comes to HIV medicine and care. There are now over 100 000 people living with HIV in the UK, with approximately 25% of people living with HIV not being aware of their diagnosis. Hundreds of people who have HIV, but are currently undiagnosed, are being seen every day by primary care and other medical clinics but are not being tested even though there may or may not be significant signs and …

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