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  1. Sally Wielding
  1. ST6 Genitourinary Medicine, Chalmers Centre, Edinburgh, UK;

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Director: Barney Douglas. Certificate: 12A. Running time: 87 minutes. UK release date: 13 November 2015

Warriors is a documentary film that follows a group of young Masai men who take up cricket. They train tirelessly at the sole cricket ground levelled by the British Army having heard of the team's endeavours. The Warriors team enjoys local fame for their dedication to a foreign sport, and widespread notoriety for playing in traditional Masai costume. The Warriors are invited to play their first ever match in the amateur Last Man Stands World Championships in London. Following a disappointing start to the competition, their game improves and they begin to win matches, but will it be enough for them to realise their dream of playing in the finals at Lord's Cricket Ground?

On returning to Kenya the Warriors use …

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