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Girl Up
  1. Rachael Duthie
  1. Sexual Health & Drugs Specialist Trainer (Freelance) and Sexual Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, Cambridgeshire NHS (Part-time), Cambridge, UK;;

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Laura Bates. London, UK: Simon & Schuster, 2016. ISBN-13: 978-1-471-14950-4. Price £12.99. Pages: 352 (paperback).

As a sexual health clinical nurse specialist delivering sex and relationship education to a wide variety of young people and professionals, I am always looking for new material to assist with tackling the various complex issues facing young people today. Consequently I was delighted to review this book by the founder of the universally acclaimed project ‘Everyday Sexism’.

Girl Up covers a whole range of topics relevant for today's society. It addresses issues that many young women face head- on, challenging stereotypes. Topics such as sex, sexuality, feminism and body image are all included, as are …

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