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Winning the Publications Game: The Smart Way to Write Your Paper and Get it Published (4th edition)
  1. Pamela Warner, Reviewed by
  1. Reader in Medical Statistics, Usher Institute for Population Health Sciences & Informatics, University of Edinburgh, Medical School, Edinburgh, UK; p.warner{at}

Statistics from

Tim Albert. CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group): Boca Raton, FL, 2016 ISBN-13: 978-1-785-23011-0. Price: £24.99. Pages: 156 (paperback)

From the book title, right through to the concluding “Make sure you celebrate” (publication having been achieved!), this is a book to motivate anyone wishing to publish their research. The book was developed from a course – ‘How to publish a scientific paper’ – that Albert was invited to run over two decades ago. This fourth edition is testament to the success of earlier editions, and to the development of a book from ongoing extensive experience in delivering such a course.

The book, updated to reflect the contemporary electronic publishing context, is light-hearted and very easy to read, albeit clearly based on substantial expertise. Albert's guidance is structured into 10 stages, and working through these will ensure that before launching his/her writing project, the researcher is clear about his/her goal, and has a realistic understanding of what publishing a paper entails. The first half of the book is focused on …

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