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Off-piste in practice: efficacy, awkward questions and the power of relationship
  1. Abi Berger
  1. General Practitioner, London, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Abi Berger; journal{at}

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I’ve started asking awkward questions. I realise it’s a bit risky sometimes – but awkward questions seem to generate interesting conversations and I find this can change the direction of travel in a consultation quite quickly. Sex is one thing I’m asking about more and it’s amazing how many patients have said “thanks for asking” – men, as well as women. I think I’ve been around long enough and know my patients well enough to know when and how to ask. And it’s older patients I’m talking to more about sex these days, not so much the younger ones who are more used to talking about sex when they come in about contraception.

I think I’d forgotten about the tendency for sex to …

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