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The Fertility Regulation Group of the Cochrane Collaboration
  1. Susan Quilliam
  1. Freelance Writer, Broadcaster and Agony Aunt, Cambridge, UK
  1. Correspondence to Ms Susan Quilliam; susan{at}

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Who are you?

The Fertility Regulation Group ( addresses the process by which people regulate their fertility, family size and spacing of births.

How did you start?

The Cochrane Collaboration itself ( was established in 1993 as an international network of more than 28 000 dedicated individuals with an interest in fertility and health care from over 100 countries. The Fertility Regulation Group registered with the Collaboration in 1997 and the first Editorial Board Meeting was held in Amsterdam in that year.

What's your mission?

The Cochrane Collaboration's vision is that health care decision-making throughout the world will be informed by high-quality, timely research evidence. The Fertility Regulation Group's specific mission is to apply that vision to fertility issues (i.e. contraception and unwanted pregnancy).

What services do you offer?

We work together with other Cochrane Groups (of which there are more than 50) to help …

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