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Romanian women's struggle to manage their fertility

Mihai Horga et al. tell the remarkable story of Romanian women's struggle to manage their fertility. The sudden reversal of liberal abortion laws in 1966 led to a doubling of the total fertility rate within a year, and then to a dramatic increase in maternal mortality from unsafe abortion. In 1989, the Ceausescu regime fell and the anti-abortion law was abolished; within a year, the maternal mortality halved. Since then, contraceptive use has increased and there has been a reduction in the abortion rate. As the authors say “Countries which increasingly seek to restrict access to abortion and contraception should look and learn”. See page 2

Whither abortion policy in Britain?

This commentary discusses the current situation regarding Government policy on abortion in Britain. It begins by setting out the ways in which the policy of the Coalition Government appears to differ from that of the new Labour administration. The article notes that 2012 brought furious debate about abortion services, focusing on counselling, ‘sex-selection’ abortion, and signing of HSA1 forms, and discusses what has emerged to date from these furores. Finally, thoughts are offered on how to respond to the problems raised by the current approach of policymakers. See page 5

SLE in relation to SRH

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune …

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