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Implant bleeding: act, don't procrastinate

A common problem with etonogestrel contraceptive implants is irregular bleeding, for which women are often unprepared despite adequate pre-insertion advice. Dickson et al.’s commentary is a useful summary of management options. It will refresh readers’ ability to deal with this problem and it's a reminder to avoid ‘watchful waiting’, which risks women losing confidence in this highly effective contraceptive method. See page 158

HPV vaccination for girls with neovaginas

The term ‘neovagina’ may be unfamiliar to readers. Girls and young women with a range of genital tract anomalies may have a neovagina fashioned by non-surgical or surgical methods. Hernon et al. advise that all such girls should be offered HPV vaccination as in the general population, and that they should be included in HPV screening programmes when these are introduced. See page 161

Jaydess®: a smaller, lower-dose IUS

In their introduction to this new levonorgestrel intrauterine system (LNG-IUS), Melvin et al. review the evidence of its effectiveness and benefits. With its smaller size compared to the existing LNG-IUS, its narrower inserter and its lower progestogen content and release rate, Jaydess is likely to be a useful addition to the available range of long-acting reversible contraceptives. …

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