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Handling the Media: Communication and Presentation Skills for Healthcare Professionals
  1. Toni Belfield
  1. Specialist in Sexual Health Information, Hampshire, UK;

Statistics from

John Illman. London, UK: JIC Books (, 2016. ISBN-13: 978-0-993-51780-8. Price: £14.99. Pages: 184 (paperback)

How well do we know the media? Do you avoid talking with journalists or do you see how important journalists can be in promoting issues that relate to sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH). Many are wary of the press; having concerns about being misquoted, worries about issues being sensationalised, or fear of being made to look foolish. John Illman sympathises with this but makes the point that while this may be a risk, most reporters want to get things right and that “they are only as good as their sources”. Illman is …

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