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Abortion law reform in Victoria: lessons for the UK
  1. Sally Sheldon
  1. Professor of Law, Kent Law School, Eliot College, Kent University, Canterbury, UK
  1. Correspondence to Professor Sally Sheldon, Kent Law School, Eliot College, Kent University, Canterbury CT2 7NS, UK; S.Sheldon{at}

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The decriminalisation of abortion in Victoria was greeted by one commentator as changing both nothing and everything: “[n]othing, because the number, rate and incidence of abortion will not change. And everything, because for the first time women will be recognised as the authors of our own lives. With that comes our full citizenship”.1

Victoria does not collect data regarding the incidence of abortion and, until now, the only evidence against which to assess these predictions has been anecdotal. Keogh et al.'s2 study in this issue provides the first robust …

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