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Brazilian women avoiding pregnancy during Zika epidemic
  1. Debora Diniz, PhD
  1. Marcelo Medeiros, PhD
  1. Alberto Madeiro, PhD*
  1. Professor, University of Brasília/Anis, Instituto de Bioética, Direitos Humanos e Gênero, Brasília, DF, Brazil;
  2. Professor, University of Brasília/IPEA, Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas Aplicadas, Brasília, DF, Brazil;
  3. Professor, Research Center and Extension Center in Women's Health/Piauí State University, Teresina, PI, Brazil;
  1. *Corresponding author

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Brazil now has confirmed 1845 cases of Congenital Zika syndrome in babies (TORCHZ) in a group of 9091 suspected cases.1 It is estimated that 174 003 Brazilians have been infected with Zika, although the Ministry of Health has not published any updated surveillance data since early July 2016.2 To understand if and how the epidemic has impacted reproductive health practices, we conducted a national survey in June 2016 using mixed methods. We used a face-to-face questionnaire to collect …

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