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Going slow
  1. Abi Berger
  1. Correspondence to Dr Abi Berger, General Practitioner, London, UK; journal{at}

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I have been thinking about time. I’ve also been considering the need for instant gratification we all seem to have these days. How many times have I heard patients say “Well I just thought it would get better, but it hasn’t – so now I need to do something before I go on holiday. Tomorrow”. And having put up with my own stiff shoulder and a painful foot for far too long, I’ve been mastering my own tendency for neglect, countered eventually by a desire to ‘sort’ things out quickly.

My shoulder problem was eventually ‘sorted out’ – but only after I committed to getting some physiotherapy and doing the exercises. And it took a good few months. The ever hopeful one-off steroid injection I had had before the physical approach …

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