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Sexting and pornography associated with risky sex among pupils in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

An increase in sexting and pornography viewing among teenagers has provoked widespread questions about safety. This is the first study from Ethiopia to investigate whether there is an association between access to digital sexual communication and risky sexual behaviour among school attendees, and adds to a small number of other studies from resource-poor settings. Using a cross-sectional questionnaire, the authors collated responses from 5306 male and female students. Nearly a quarter said they were involved in risky sex, a third had experience in sexting, and half said they viewed pornography. Pornography viewers had a three-fold prevalence rate of risky sex when compared with their counterparts, while sexters had double the risk. Although this association between exposure to sexually explicit materials and risk does not establish causality, the authors argue that sex education programmes should acknowledge sexting and pornography viewing as potential predictors of risky sexual behaviour. See p age 200

Extending sublingual misoprostol for second-trimester abortion may be safe, effective and acceptable

Second-trimester abortions constitute a small minority of induced abortions worldwide, but are responsible for the majority of abortion-related complications. This small prospective study in Uzbekistan and Ukraine looked at mifepristone and unlimited sublingual misoprostol for second-trimester abortion. Some 306 women at 13–22 weeks’ gestation took standard two-stage medical termination doses of mifepristone and misoprostol but, where needed, continued 3-hourly sublingual doses of misoprostol 400 μg beyond the first five doses. Fewer than a tenth needed six or more doses, none delivered before the first dose of misoprostol, and 86% delivered both fetus and placenta by 15 hours from the start of misoprostol. The rates for complete abortion within 24 and 48 hours without …

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