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A farewell and welcome
  1. Sandy Goldbeck-Wood
  1. BMJ Publishing Group, London, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Sandy Goldbeck-Wood; goldbeckwood{at}

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It’s time to say goodbye. Five years on from the start of my term as Editor-in-Chief at what was then the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Healthcare,1 this journal has undergone significant change, the effects of which are yet to be seen fully. I do, however, hope and believe that the changes made have been an investment in the journal’s future scientific standing and international reach.

Most visible of the modifications has perhaps been the journal’s change of name to BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health.2 By strengthening our partnership with the BMJ Publishing Group, and including the BMJ name in its title, we believe we have strengthened the journal’s brand. Science is inherently international, and many of the biggest challenges to sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH) are determined beyond national boundaries. Clinicians and …

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