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A new app claims comparable effectiveness to user-initiated hormonal contraception

The Dynamic Optimal Timing smartphone application is marketed globally as a contraceptive and was developed by an organisation in the USA. A recent prospective observational study recruited 718 users over 13 cycles and showed similar effectiveness to oral hormonal contraceptives and the Natural Cycles app. The data from this study must be interpreted with caution, however, as just under half of participants completed the full 13 cycle duration, which in turn represents <1% of the 40 000 downloads of the app. As with all fertility awareness methods, users should be carefully counselled of the risks of pregnancy and the more reliable alternatives.

Eur J Contracept Reprod Health 2019;

Ulipristal acetate emergency contraception appears not to affect implantation

Many clinicians and patients worry about the effect of oral emergency contraception upon established pregnancies, despite clinical guidance to the contrary. The review article by Li et al considered clinical, in vitro and histological data gathered from multiple studies to conclude that ulipristal acetate is unlikely to …

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