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Sexual reproductive health chatbots: should we be so quick to throw artificial intelligence out with the bathwater?
  1. Elizabeth Jane Wasson,
  2. Katie Driver,
  3. Megan Hughes,
  4. Jasmine Bailey
  1. University of Bristol Medical School, Bristol, UK
  1. Correspondence to Elizabeth Jane Wasson, Medical School, Bristol, UK; ew15275{at}

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We found the concepts discussed by Nadarzynski et al on the acceptability of artificial intelligence (AI)-embedded chatbots, video consultations and live webchats in sexual and reproductive health (SRH) interesting.1 However, we think the broad conclusion made that among patients "there is currently little support for SRH chatbots" ignores potentially important uses of this technology.

A recent systematic review on AI in primary care published in BMJ Health and Care Informatics highlighted the importance of testing AI in a similar scenario to that in which it would be used.2 In Nadarzynski et al …

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