3 e-Letters

published between 2015 and 2018

  • Comment on "Barriers and facilitators of access to first-trimester abortion services for women in the developed world: a systematic review"
    Julie Ancian

    The article of Frances Doran and Susan Nancarrow [1] suggests that there is a need for more research about the barriers to access to abortion services in developed countries. I totally agree with this finding, especially for qualitative research, and would like to provide a point of view from France.

    As part of my doctoral research on the social determinants of reproductive health, I attended the trial of Domin...

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  • "Mandatory counseling" is a misnomer
    Christian Fiala

    Counseling is voluntary by definition. A person being 'counseled' can leave at any time and without any consequences. If 'counseling' is mandatory it becomes in fact a state ordered instruction. Like for example in the case of obligatory military service. We as society should at least have the courage to name things with their correct terminology. And not pretend to 'counsel' women if in fact we force them to listen to an...

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  • Response to Mini-Commentary on 'Would an exclusive contraceptive clinic help meet the needs of patients attending an integrated sexual health clinic?'
    Diana Mansour

    It was interesting to read Sharon Moses' thoughtful commentary questioning the role of an 'express' contraceptive service in a community sexual health clinic and advocating improving contraceptive provision in primary care, the primary provider of contraception in the UK.[1] My colleagues in Newcastle, however, support this service innovation as they feel that women in their late teens and early twenties have been overl...

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