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  • An innovative training for nurses in sexual and reproductive health.
    Maddy Ward

    I have just read and would like to congratulate the authors on their excellent article "An innovative training for nurses in sexual reproductive health" in the July 2012 issue of this Journal [1]. I totally agree with the five benefits of their methods of training. The most important one is matched multidisciplinary skills, this being so necessary for nurses to undertake further training to fit implants and intrauterine devi...

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  • Intrauterine device checks
    Louise M Melvin

    Thank you for publishing the article by Draper et al. on intrauterine device (IUD) checks.(1) I would like to highlight an omission that is potentially confusing. The authors state "until recently, it has been usual for a patient [using intrauterine methods] to be advised to have an annual check". Reference is made to relevant clinical guidelines from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) and from organisat...

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  • Reanalysis of Data from the Million Women Study
    Ian S Fraser

    I was very pleased to see the article by Shapiro and colleagues[1] that was recently published online in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care but dismayed to see the emotional response from epidemiologists.[2] This reanalysis of data from the so-called 'Million Women' study[3] raises important clinical concerns about the original strongly stated conclusions. I think it is essential that we see co...

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  • Challenge of HIV testing in low prevalence settings
    Chris Smith

    The article on HIV testing in abortion clinics provides a compelling argument for normalising HIV testing and making it part of our general medical care.(1) Similar discussions regarding approaches to HIV testing in low prevalence settings are ongoing in general practice.(2)(3) We recently reviewed the recorded HIV status of patients from countries of high HIV prevalence (>1%) in our practice in Portsmouth (an area with...

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  • Evidence for routine HIV testing in termination of pregnancy and colposcopy clinic
    Sarah Creighton

    We read with interest the findings that 8% of HIV positive women may have had their HIV diagnosed earlier if routine HIV testing were delivered in termination of pregnancy (TOP) and colposcopy services.

    We introduced routine, opt-out HIV testing in the termination service in Homerton Hospital, London in April 2008[1] and in the colposcopy unit of Homerton Hospital in September 2010.[2]

    In 3 years, betwee...

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  • What really matters is the menopausal woman!
    Nick Panay

    Yet again scientists and epidemiologists are publicly debating the controversies around the previously reported risks of HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Is this further publicity deserved? The impact of studies such as the Million Women Study (MWS)[1] and Women's Health Initiative (WHI)[2] has been profound leading to significant reductions in the use of HRT. This has understandably affected millions of menopausal wom...

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