Table 1

Sample characteristics

Participant number*Age (years)HPV vaccinated?Where was the vaccine offered?Nationality/ethnicityReligion
V117Yes (2 doses)GPBritish AsianMuslim
V217Yes (2 doses)GPWhite BritishNone
V317Yes (2 doses)GPWhite BritishNone
V417Yes (2 doses)GPWhite BritishNone
V518Yes (2 doses)GPBritish AsianMuslim
NV618NoSchoolWhite BritishNone
NV717Only 1 doseSchoolWhite BritishNone
NV818NoSchoolWhite BritishNone
NV918NoSchoolWhite BritishNone
NV1018NoGPWhite BritishNone
  • * Participant ID numbers indicate whether girls had been vaccinated (V) or not vaccinated (NV).

  • Not intending to complete the course.

  • GP, general practitioner; HPV, human papillomavirus.