Table 2

Assessment of a sample of London Primary Care Trust Enhanced Service contracts (n = 20).

 Specifies eligibility criteria (e.g. training and competence)1890
 States health care professional needs regular CPD1575
 States service has to comply with local standards of infection control1470
 Specifies required facilities (e.g. fitting equipment)1785
 Service must have adequate resuscitation facilities (e.g. oxygen, atropine)1785
 Other criteriaThese included requirement to do STI tests, have procedure for seeing those aged under 16 years, use of consistent Read codes and other governance areas such as serious untoward incident (SUI) reports and maintenance of skills (e.g. fitting 12 IUDs/IUSs a year)
 Specifies sexual history/STI check as part of risk assessment1365
 Written information to be given to patient1680
 States adequate record keeping1890
 Provider to record type of device (IUD/IUS) fitted1155
 Provides follow up (e.g. IUD check)1470
 Specifies audit as a way of monitoring quality and safety1785
 Specifies how PCT will monitor provider other than audit1470
 States conditions of termination of contract735
  • CPD, continuing professional development; IUD, intrauterine device; IUS, intrauterine system; PCT, primary care trust; STI, sexually transmitted infection.