Table 4

Age-adjusted logistic regression analysis of independent risk factors of unmet contraceptive health needs, for women who had ever used contraceptives (n=487)

VariableOR95% CIp
Agreement between husband and wife about desired number of children
 Don't agree1.540.86–2.780.148
 Don't discuss the issue2.591.40–4.790.002
Religious beliefs regarding contraceptive use
 Accepted (halal)11
 Unaccepted (haram)2.081.06–4.090.035
 Don't know2.151.17–3.970.014
Husband opposition to contraceptive use2.961.47–5.97<0.001
Previous unwanted pregnancy2.981.73–5.14<0.001
Previous side effects from contraceptive use5.693.46–9.37<0.001
  • CI, confidence interval: OD, odds ratio.