Table 1

Comparison of odds ratios summarising association, for univariate and multi-variable analyses*

Association of unmet contraceptive need with explanatory variable
Potential explanatory variableUnivariate ORMulti-variable OR
Previous side effects from contraception – Yes vs No5.05.7
Previous unwanted pregnancy – Yes vs No4.63.0
Husband opposes contraception use – Yes vs No4.03.0
Religious beliefs
 Not accepted vs Accepted3.02.1
 Don't know vs Accepted3.12.2
Desired number of children
 Don't agree vs Agree2.11.5
 Don't discuss vs Agree2.82.6
  • * Multivariate odds ratios (ORs) from Kotb et al.1 and univariate ORs calculated from data reported there.