Table 1

Breast cancer in the Million Women Study: percentages of unknown values for tumour grade, estrogen receptor status and nodal status among current users of estrogen therapy, current users of estrogen plus progestogen and never-users of hormone replacement therapy

ET (n=2131)*E+P (n=4292)*No HRT (n=6127)*
Known tumour grade (n)97818933096
Percentage unknown (%)54.155.949.5
Known ER status (n)75316841585
Percentage unknown (%)64.760.874.1
Known nodal status (n)89817812848
Percentage unknown (%)57.958.553.5
  • * Derived from Figure 1 in Reference 24.

  • Derived from Figure 3 in Reference 24.

  • E+P, estrogen plus progestogen; ER, estrogen receptor; ET, estrogen therapy; HRT, hormone replacement therapy.