Table 1

Characteristics of sexually active female participants in the SATHCAP study (N=202)

CharacteristicAll participants (N=202)Inject drugs
Do not inject drugs (n=59)
 Age (median years, IQR)2622–312622–302522–29
 Post-secondary education111/20255%68/14348%43/5973%
Substance use
 Heavy sporadic drinking*48/19025%35/13726%13/5325%
 At-risk drinking per AUDIT-C124/19265%81/13759%43/5578%
Women's sexual behaviour history and reproductive characteristics
 Age at first sex (median years, IQR)1614–171514–171615–18
 First sex perceived as involuntary27/20213%18/14313%9/5915%
 First sex involuntary and <age 1619/2019%13/1439%6/5910%
 Had >1 sex partner in last 6 months91/20245%58/14341%33/5956%
 Had a sex trade partner in last 6 months19/18910%17/13413%2/554%
 Reported a positive HIV status37/20118%31/14222%6/5910%
 Sexual partner at last sex was HIV-positive32/18917%27/13420%5/559%
 Had UPSI at last sexual act125/18867%85/13165%40/5770%
Number of children for which participant is primary care taker
Number of times pregnant
Detected urogenital pathogens and infections
 Had at least one STI†47/20223%36/14325%11/5919%
  • *Drunk or had five or more drinks in 2 hours at least twice a month.

  • Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae or positive syphilis serology.

  • IQR, interquartile range; SATHCAP, Sexual Acquisition and Transmission of HIV-Cooperative Agreement Program; STI, sexually transmitted infection; UPSI, unprotected sexual intercourse.