Table 1

Baseline demographics and clinical characteristics (full analysis set)

FlexibleMIB (n=115)Conventional (n=108)
Demographic/characteristic[mean (SD)][mean (SD)]
Age (years)25.6 (5.1)25.3 (5.0)
Height (cm)167.6 (6.0)168.2 (6.5)
Weight (kg)63.1 (9.5)63.8 (9.1)
BMI (kg/m2)22.4 (2.9)22.5 (3.0)
Length of pretreatment screening period (days)79.6 (21.3)81.3 (25.5)
Number of days with dysmenorrhoeic pain before treatment (>140 days)*21.0 (7.3)22.0 (8.4)
Number of days with at least moderate dysmenorrhoeic pain before treatment (>140 days)*12.8 (5.7)13.8 (7.4)
  • * Data were normalised to a 140-day period to allow comparisons with the 140-day treatment period. Pretreatment periods had a minimum length of 46 days. Data was cut after the first 140 days of the pretreatment period.

  • BMI, body mass index; MIB, management of (breakthrough) intracyclic bleeding; SD, standard deviation.