Table 2

Correlates of unprotected sexual intercourse at last sexual act among female SATHCAP participants who inject drugs or who have sexual partners who inject drugs

CharacteristicAmong all women (N=202)
 Age 25+ years0.72 (0.39–1.31)
 Post-secondary education0.81 (0.44–1.50)
 Unemployed1.41 (0.74–2.70)
Substance use
 Injection drug use in last 6 months0.78 (0.40–1.54)
 Heavy sporadic drinking†2.68 (1.15–6.22)*2.80 (1.18–6.60)*
 At-risk drinking per AUDIT-C1.45 (0.77–2.76)
Women's sexual behaviour and reproductive characteristics
 First sex below age 16 years1.47 (0.80–2.71)
 First sex perceived as involuntary2.34 (0.84–6.54)
 First sex below age 16 years and involuntary2.73 (0.76–9.80)
 Had more than one sex partner in last 6 months1.15 (0.63–2.12)
 Reported a positive HIV status1.27 (0.57–2.86)
 Had a sex trade partner in last 6 months0.46 (0.17–1.23)
 Sexual partner at last sex was HIV-positive0.83 (0.38–1.84)
 Has children1.49 (0.77–2.88)
 Has been pregnant1.99 (1.02–3.91)*2.25 (1.11–4.58)*
Detected urogenital pathogens and infections
 HIV-11.33 (0.71–2.49)
 Had at least one STI‡1.15 (0.56–2.37)
  • *p < 0.05.

  • †Drunk or had five or more drinks in 2 hours at least twice a month.

  • Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae or positive syphilis serology.

  • aOR, adjusted odds ratio; SATHCAP, Sexual Acquisition and Transmission of HIV-Cooperative Agreement Program; STI, sexually transmitted infection, uOR, unadjusted odds ratio.