Table 4

Participants’ responses to the question: ‘After talking to the doctor or nurse in the clinic today, how clear is it to you about what will be happening to you/what the abortion will involve?’*

ResponseHospital group (n=149)
[n (%)]
SRH group (n=148)
[n (%)]
I am very clear129 (86.5)†141 (95.2)†
I am quite clear19 (12.7)7 (4.7)
I am not sure00
I am a bit confused1 (0.6)0
I am very confused00
  • *This question was not answered by two women in the hospital group and four women in the SRH group.

  • †A significantly higher proportion of women were ‘very clear’ in the SRH group compared to the hospital group (p=0.0141, Fisher's exact test).

  • SRH, sexual and reproductive health.