Table 1

Reasons for referral of patients to the acute gynaecology clinic over a 24-month period between July 2010 and June 2012 (n=914)

Reason for referral*n (%)
Pelvic pain455 (48)
Vaginal bleeding†242 (26)
Postoperative complications101 (11)
Vulval pain/lump/cyst/infection69 (7)
Pelvic/adnexal mass30 (3)
Vaginal discharge11 (1)
Intrauterine device-related problems6 (1)
Other‡29 (3)
  • *Some patients had two or more concurrent reasons for referral.

  • †Vaginal bleeding not related to pregnancy, post-menopausal bleeding or colposcopy-related problems. Three patients with heavy bleeding during a miscarriage underwent manual vacuum aspiration in the acute gynaecology clinic as an emergency procedure as this was the only room available with a consultant in attendance.

  • ‡Other includes ring pessary change, vaginal lump, etc.