Table 2

Outcomes of patients attending the acute gynaecology clinic over a 24-month period between July 2010 and June 2012 (n=914)

Outcome of consultationn (%)
Discharged back to general practitioner540 (59)
Followed up in acute clinic24 (3)
Followed up in gynaecology outpatient department176 (20)
Ward admission39 (4)
Booked for elective theatre list*33 (4)
One-stop hysteroscopy clinic34 (4)
Colposcopy3 (1)
Other specialist clinics†65 (7)
  • *Elective procedure such as oophorectomy, diagnostic laparoscopy, etc.

  • †Other specialist clinics: vulval, post-menopausal bleeding, urogynaecology, oncology, early pregnancy assessment unit, urology, genitourinary medicine, etc.