Table 3

Participants’ responses to the question: ‘Overall, how do you feel all the information you received today at the clinic has prepared you for having an abortion?’*

ResponseHospital (n=150)
[n (%)]
SRH (n=149)
[n (%)]
Feel very prepared96 (64.0)†125 (83.9)†
Feel quite prepared44 (29.3)24 (16.1)
Feel neither prepared nor unprepared10 (6.6)0
Feel a bit unprepared00
Feel totally unprepared00
  • *This question was not answered by one woman in the hospital group and three women in the SRH group.

  • †A significantly higher proportion of respondents in the SRH group were ‘very prepared’ compared to the hospital group (p=0.0001, Fisher's exact test).

  • SRH, sexual and reproductive health.