TableĀ 1

Quality assessment criteria applied in the review

1 Does the study make the research objective/s clear?Fossey et al.13
2 Is there evidence that a qualitative approach is justified by the research question?Critical Appraisal Skills Programme14
Fossey et al.13
Greenhalgh and Taylor8
3 Is the participant selection method appropriate and adequate, and clearly articulated?Fossey et al.13
4 Is the data collection method appropriate?Critical Appraisal Skills Programme14
Fossey et al.13
5 Is the data analysis procedure adequate and transparent?Fossey et al.13
6 Does the interpretation of the findings reflect the perspective of those it claims to represent?Fossey et al.13
Popay et al.15
7 Has the relationship between the researcher and the participants been considered?Fossey et al.13
Critical Appraisal Skills Programme14