Table 1

Life disruptions and exposure to intimate partner violence among women obtaining abortions, by poverty status, 2008 Abortion Patient Survey

Poverty status
All women<100%100–199%200+%
Women's responses to question: “In the last 12 months have you experienced any of the following?”(n=9493)(n=3990)(n=2544)(n=2959)p
I was unemployed or looking for work for at least a month19.925.318.813.60.000
I separated from my partner/husband16.217.316.914.00.013
I fell behind on my rent or mortgage14.416.
I moved two or more times11.814.311.78.40.000
A close friend died10.210.810.09.50.274
I had a baby10.213.810.55.20.000
A dependent/family member had a serious health problem6.
My partner was in jail or incarcerated5.
I had a serious health problem3.
I was the victim of a robbery or assault1.
My home was burglarised1.
Number of events
 One or more57.462.858.848.90.000
 Two or more25.429.926.118.50.000
 Three or more11.214.611.26.50.000
Has the man who got you pregnant ever
 Hit, slapped, kicked or otherwise physically hurt you?
 Forced you to so something sexual when you didn't want to?
 Either of the above?