Table 1

Qualitative data collection by means of one-to-one interviews and focus groups

Data collection methodAge (years)EthnicityPresent contraception
 Jennifer21White BritishInjection
 Scarlett17White BritishImplant
 Lindsay19White BritishNone
 Anna17White BritishNone
 Louise19White BritishImplant
 Sara17White BritishCondoms
 Harriet16White BritishPatch
 Jane21White BritishPill
Focus groups
 FG0116–212 White British, 1 Asian, 1 Mixed-race
 FG0216–182 White British, 1 Black British, 1 British Asian
 FG0317–194 White British
 FG04172 White British, 1 Mixed-race
 FG05163 Black British, 1 Mixed-race
 FG0616–173 White British, 1 Asian