Table 3

Odds ratio and 95% confidence interval for the dependent variable unmet need for effective family planning: logistic regression multivariate analysis for male and female participants presented separately

VariableOR (95% CI)pOR (95% CI)p
 No1.00 (ref)0.0621.00 (ref)<0.001
 Yes2.54 (0.95–6.74)5.95 (2.08–17.0)
Age in years1.15 (1.02–1.28)0.0171.05 (0.94–1.16)0.371
Marital status
 Married1.00 (ref)0.1461.00 (ref)0.029
 Cohabiting/single2.42 (0.74–7.95)2.86 (1.11–7.34)
Number of living own children1.25 (0.98–1.61)0.0781.08 (0.81–1.45)0.605
  • CI, confidence interval: OR, odds ratio; ref, reference.