Table 2

Personal and relationship characteristics of women obtaining abortions, quantitative and qualitative sample, 2008 Abortion Patient Survey

Characteristic(%) (n=9493)(%) (n=49)
Age group (years)
Race and ethnicity
 Non-Hispanic White36.146.9
 Non-Hispanic Black29.610.2
 Asian, South Asian, API6.74.1
 Non-Hispanic other2.74.0
Poverty status
 Less than 12th grade18.38.2
 High school graduate or GED29.514.3
 Some college or associate degree35.863.3
 College graduate or above16.514.3
Prior births
Union status
 Never married45.0NA
 Divorced or widowed5.3NA
 Separated from husband5.7NA
  • API, Asian Pacific Islander; GED, General Educational Development degree; NA, not available.