Table 2

Odds ratio and 95% confidence interval for the dependent variable unmet need for effective family planning: logistic regression bivariate and multivariate analysis

Bivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
VariableOR (95% CI)pOR (95% CI)p
 No1.00 (ref)<0.0011.00 (ref)<0.001
 Yes5.88 (3.16–10.9)3.97 (1.97–8.03)
 No1.00 (ref)0.409
 Yes1.35 (0.66–2.77)
AIDS death in family
 No1.00 (ref)0.738
 Yes1.11 (0.60–2.03)
AIDS death of child
 No1.00 (ref)0.044
 Yes1.96 (1.01–3.77)
AIDS symptoms
 No1.00 (ref)<0.001
 Yes4.96 (2.61–9.41)
Age in years1.10 (1.05–1.16)<0.0011.08 (1.00–1.16)0.036
 Male1.00 (ref)0.0051.00 (ref)0.071
 Female2.28 (1.29–4.02)1.94 (0.94–4.00)
Marital status
 Married1.00 (ref)0.0041.00 (ref)0.018
 Cohabiting/single2.43 (1.32–4.47)2.36 (1.16–4.80)
 Farmer/peasant1.00 (ref)
 Business person0.98 (0.44–2.20)0.965
 Other0.96 (0.46–2.01)0.914
 None1.00 (ref)
 Lower primary0.95 (0.40–2.27)0.905
 Upper primary0.69 (0.30–1.61)0.393
 Secondary and above0.78 (0.29–2.08)0.618
Ethnic group
 Mutooro1.00 (ref)
 Mukiga5.06 (2.56–9.99)<0.001
 Other0.98 (0.44–2.18)0.957
Religious affiliation
 Catholic1.00 (ref)
 Protestant1.00 (0.54–1.86)0.995
 Muslim1.08 (0.28–4.10)0.906
 Other1.90 (0.76–4.72)0.169
Dwelling quality*
 Low1.00 (ref)
 Medium0.96 (0.36–2.58)0.939
 High0.51 (0.15–1.66)0.262
Number of living own children1.27 (1.12–1.45)<0.0011.15 (0.96–1.37)0.132
Number of non-biological children
 01.00 (ref)
 13.52 (1.21–10.3)0.021
 21.89 (0.88–4.04)0.101
 31.90 (0.92–3.92)0.083
  • * Dwelling quality variable was divided into three categories as low, medium and high based on the house floor, wall and roof structure [low: mud floor, mud/thatched walls and grass/thatched roof; medium: mud floor, mud/thatched walls and metal roof; high: cement/concrete/wood floor, walls of permanent materials and metal roof or any two out of three (i.e. floor, walls and roof) of this structure].

  • ART, antiretroviral therapy; CI, confidence interval: OR, odds ratio; ref, reference.