Table 3

Schedule of tariffs for intrauterine device/intrauterine system/contraceptive implant procedures

ProcedureMean/median tariffRange
IUD/IUS fitting£83.09/£81.31£77.50–£105.00
IUD/IUS check£21.39/£21.69£20.00–£22.01
IUD/IUS removal£44.89/£33.00*£21.68–£80.00*
Implant fitting£44.47/£42.96£25.00–£81.31
Implant removal£58.05/£49.52£30.00–£100.00
Other feesSome PCTs included fees for testing and treatment of STIs as part of an enhanced service
  • *Of those that paid.

  • IUD, intrauterine device; IUS, intrauterine system; PCT, primary care trust; STI, sexually transmitted infection.