Table 1

Participant characteristics: crude and respondent-driven sampling-adjusted estimates (n=325)

Crude estimatesRDS-adjusted estimates
Characteristic%n%95% CI*
Age (mean, SD)26.2, 0.324.1, 0.5
 Primary or less32.610632.625.4–39.7
 Some secondary53.817555.147.6–62.5
 Completed secondary or more13.54412.36.5–18.2
Marital status
 Ever married/cohabited11.2369.14.6–13.6
 Single/never married88.828590.686.4–95.4
Number of children
Total income in past month (US$) (mean, SD)†157.3, 9.4127.3, 9.4
Number of clients in past month (mean, SD)13.8, 0.7411.6, 0.5
Had non-commercial partner in past month88.628891.386.6–95.9
Previously tested positive for HIV55.017645.538.1–53.0
Currently uses non-barrier modern contraception46.915051.143.3–58.9
Always used condoms in past month23.57622.514.2–30.7
Condom failure in past 30 days55.317747.539.3–55.7
Ever pregnant82.726777.870.2–85.4
Ever had an abortion (n=266)13.23511.76.3–17.1
Ever had an unwanted pregnancy (n=267)50.213448.739.6–57.8
Ever used ECP32.710627.520.9–34.2
  • *Confidence intervals for adjusted estimates of categorical variables were constructed based on a bootstrap procedure with 1000 repetitions.

  • †Based on the exchange rate on 1 August 2011 (OANDA Corporation, 2012).

  • CI, confidence interval; ECP, emergency contraceptive pill; RDS, respondent-driven sampling; SD, standard deviation.