TableĀ 3

Post-abortal contraception provided based upon site where assessed

Contraceptive methodHospital
[n (%)]
[n (%)]
Implant155 (13.9)*304 (27.8)*
IUC (surgical abortion)89 (7.9)41 (3.7)
Injectable150 (13.5)98 (9.0)
CHC254 (22.8)293 (26.8)
POP67 (6.0)95 (8.6)
Condoms132 (11.8)57 (5.2)
Other2 (0.17)0
None222 (19.9)99 (9.0)
Fast-track IUC (medical abortion)44 (3.9)106 (9.6)
  • Significantly higher uptake of implant (*p<0.0001) and LARC (includes fast-track IUC) from SRH than hospital site (p<0.0001).

  • CHC, combined hormonal contraception (pill, patch, vaginal ring); fast-track IUC, women having medical abortion who had IUC inserted at a clinic at SRH site; IUC, intrauterine method (inserted at surgical abortion); LARC, long-acting reversible methods of contraception; other, diaphragm or sterilisation; POP, progestogen-only pill; SRH, sexual and reproductive health.