Table 2

Results for HIV acquisition according to intention-to-treat and per protocol analyses (initial method received)

AnalysisHIV acquisitionEffect estimate
(IPC vs IUD)
n (%)NRR95% CI
ITT analysis (i.e. according to group allocation)
 IPC20 (3.0)6560.880.48–1.590.7
 IUD22 (3.5)6341
PP analysis (i.e. according to initial method received)
 IPC21 (3.2)6610.940.52–1.710.8
  DMPA19 (3.4)5581.010.55–1.861.0
  NET2 (1.9)1030.580.14–2.420.4
 IUD21 (3.4)6231
 OC0 (0)1
 Missing data0 (0)5
  • CI, confidence interval; DMPA, depot medroxyprogesterone acetate; IPC, injectable progestogen contraception; ITT, intention-to-treat; IUD, intrauterine contraceptive device; NET, norethisterone enanthate; OC, oral contraception; PP, per protocol; RR, risk ratio.