Table 3

Odds ratio estimates for the general dissatisfaction of family planning service users in Mozambique

EffectOR95% CI
Health facility type
 Health PostRef.0.4469
 Health Center Type I2.9430.56910.924
 Health Center Type II1.7760.4387.201
 District Hospital2.6910.62111.669
Age (years)0.2847
STI/AIDS counselling
 Employee with salaryRef.0.0052
 Agricultural work0.1840.0670.501
Waiting time (hours)<0.0001
Access to information0.8767
 Other sourcesRef.
 Health provider1.0560.5292.110
Time using contraceptive methods0.0736
 First timeRef.
 <1 year0.5300.2561.100
 1–5 years1.4330.6073.382
 >5 years1.8060.27711.792
Interaction provider vs user0.0292
  • CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio; Ref., reference; STI, sexually transmitted infection.