Table 1

Patient baseline questionnaire responses (post initial consultation), n=112

QuestionAnswer%, (n)
1. I am clear about the three different ways the pill can be taken that has just been explained to meStrongly agree25.5 (28)
Agree74.5 (82)
Neither agree nor disagree0
Strongly disagree0
2. I previously knew there was more than one way to take the pillNo32.1 (36)
Yes67.9 (76)
3. I am already using or have used the pill in the pastNo1.8 (2)
Yes98.2 (110)
4. It was helpful to be told the three different ways to take the pillStrongly agree71.1 (69)
Agree26.8 (26)
Neither agree or disagree2.1 (2)
Strongly disagree0
5. It’s better to be told just one way of taking the pillStrongly agree1.0 (1)
Agree2.1 (2)
Neither agree or disagree9.2 (9)
Disagree46.9 (46)
Strongly disagree40.8 (40)
6. Hearing about more than one way of taking the pill was too much at one consultationStrongly agree2.7 (3)
Neither agree or disagree0.9 (1)
Disagree52.7 (59)
Strongly disagree43.7 (49)
7. After receiving the information, my chosen way of taking the pill is:Standard27.1 (30)
Extended14.4 (16)
Tricycling33.3 (37)
Still undecided25.2 (28)