Table 2

Patient follow-up questionnaire responses, n=87

QuestionAnswer%, (n)
1. I found it helpful to be given a choice of ways to take the combined pillStrongly agree69 (60)
Agree27.6 (24)
Neither agree or disagree2.3 (2)
Disagree1.1 (1)
Strongly disagree0
2. Being given the option of three ways of taking the pill has increased my chances of continuing with itStrongly agree17.2 (15)
Agree26.4 (23)
Neither agree or disagree36.8 (32)
Disagree14.9 (13)
Strongly disagree4.7 (4)
3. I have changed the way I decided to take the combined pill since the first questionnaireNo56.3 (49)
Not sure2.3 (2)
Yes41.4 (36)
4. My current way of taking the combined pill is:Standard46.0 (40)
Extended18.4 (16)
Tricycling27.6 (24)
No longer taken pills5.7 (5)
Bicycling*2.3 (2)
  • *As reported by patients