Table 1

Characteristics of women receiving an intrauterine device and follow-up visit recommendation and attendance.

CharacteristicTotal (%) (n=380)Follow-up visit recommended (%) (n=347)Follow-up visit attended (%) (n=253)
Age (years)
First IUD (%)*77.979.082.2
Type of IUD (%)
 LNG IUS 52 µg/LNG IUS 13.5 µg (Mirena/Skyla)90.591.191.7
 Copper T 380A (ParaGard)
No prior contraception37.438.639.1
  • *Women with no children (p=0.015, compared with women with one or more children) and women receiving their first IUD (p=0.004) were more likely to attend a 6-week follow-up visit.

  • IUD, intrauterine device; IUS, intrauterine system.