Table 3

Healthcare professional questionnaire responses (post initial consultation), n=111

QuestionAnswer%, (n)
1. I was able to clearly describe the three different ways the combined pill can be taken to the patientStrongly agree69.4 (77)
Agree29.7 (33)
Neither agree or disagree0
Strongly disagree0.9 (1)
2. The patient demonstrated previous knowledge of more than one way to take the combined pillNo52.3 (58)
Yes47.7 (53)
3. Describing more than one way of taking the combined pill took too long for one consultationStrongly agree0
Neither agree or disagree11.7 (13)
Disagree73.0 (81)
Strongly disagree15.3 (17)
4. It was helpful to be able to offer the patient three different ways of taking the combined pillStrongly agree18.0 (20)
Agree65.8 (73)
Neither agree or disagree15.3 (17)
Disagree0.9 (1)
Strongly disagree0
5. It is better to teach the patient just one way of taking the combined pillStrongly agree0.9 (1)
Neither agree or disagree4.5 (5)
Disagree83.8 (93)
Strongly disagree10.8 (12)
6. The patient understood and retained the counselling informationStrongly agree32.4 (36)
Agree65.8 (73)
Neither agree or disagree1.8 (2)
Strongly disagree0