Table 1

Analysis of qualitative data

Conceptual areaPrimary themes
Contraceptive timeframes
  • The long-term nature of intrauterine contraception (IUC)

  • Lack of control over starting and stopping the method (concerns about accessing early removal)

  • Adverse effects of IUC (device becomes unclean or deteriorates over time)

Body boundaries and a device ‘inside me’
  • Concerns about fitting and removal (need for healthcare practitioner to fit/remove; pain; method of fitting)

  • The internal nature of the device (’foreign object’)

Informal knowledge
  • The imagined size and shape of the device and its method of action ("barbaric looking", "scrapes away")

  • The device moving, falling out

  • Worries about device being felt by partner

  • ‘Friend of a friend’ reports from other people