Table 2

Anticipated roles in a future postpartum intrauterine contraception service

Future role in PPIUC service (n=156)n (%)
Happy to promote
 All (n=156)106 (67.9)
 GP (n=62)41 ((66.1)
 SRH clinicians (n=83)60 (72.3)
Happy to conduct thread checks
 All106 (67.9)
 GP41 (66.1)
 SRH clinicians58 (69.9)
Keen to train in PPIUC insertion myself
 All44 (28.2)
 GP11 (17.7)
 SRH clinician32 (38.6)
Keen to train other healthcare professionals in PPIUC insertion
 All50 (32.1)
 GP11 (17.7)
 SRH clinician35 (42.2)
Keen to be a postpartum contraceptive/PPIUC ‘champion’
 All58 (37.2)
 GP15 (24.2)
 SRH clinician40 (48.2)
Keen to provide a specialist role in PPIUC
 All38 (24.4)
 GP11 (17.7)
 SRH clinician24 (28.9)
  • GP, general practitioner; PPIUC, postpartum intrauterine contraception; SRH, sexual and reproductive health.