Table 1

Associations between decisional conflict and demographic, cancer, fertility or fertility preservation characteristics

VariablesnMean DC score (SD)Pearson’s rP value
Demographic characteristics
 Age at diagnosis ≥35 years†1430.075
  No8546.36 (30.08)
  Yes5855.66 (31.10)
 University education†1410.040*
  No6456.03 (29.81)
  Yes7745.40 (30.75)
 Living in a relationship†1380.926
  No3149.65 (24.50)
  Yes10750.24 (32.57)
Cancer characteristics
 Years since diagnosis‡1150.2430.009*
 Breast cancer†1420.654
  No7950.91 (32.25)
  Yes6348.57 (28.80)
 Hopefulness to be cured‡§143−0.1170.165
Fertility characteristics
 Given birth†1430.722
  No10449.57 (29.67)
  Yes3951.63 (33.77)
 Need for parenthood‡¶143−0.0270.753
Fertility preservation characteristics
 Health professional informed about cancer or treatment affecting fertility†1400.001*
  No3368.86 (26.28)
  Yes10744.07 (29.89)
 Fertility preservation procedure undergone†1400.001*
  No9659.20 (29.18)
  Yes4430.35 (23.16)
 Attitude towards fertility preservation‡¶143−0.0830.327
  • *Significant with p<0.05.

  • †ANOVA.

  • ‡Pearson Correlation.

  • §10-point Likert scale.

  • ¶5-point Likert scale.

  • DC, decisional conflict.