Table 2

Prevalence of reproductive control in women

StudyYear of publicationCountryAge (years)Population/settingTimespanResult (%)
Black, etal 54 2011USA18 and overWhole populationEver9
Cannon, et al 55 2017USA‘Adult’SRHCurrent relationship25
Clark, et al 23 2014USA18–44Hospital O&GEver16
Katz, et al 10 2015USA17–25StudentsEver30
Kazmerski, et al 17 2015USA16–29SRHPrevious 3 months14
Miller, et al 15 2010USA16–29SRHEver19
Phillips, et al 56 2016USA18–45Primary careEver24
Rosenfeld, et al 57 2017USA18–44VeteransPrevious 12 months11
Sutherland, et al 26 2015USA18–25StudentsEver8
  • O&G, obstetrics and gynaecology service attenders; SRH, sexual and reproductive health service attenders.